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Welcome Samaipata 3.0: Same, same but different. Backing founders who dare to better the world

Daniel Hardoon Adulayavichit
October 14, 2022

Today is a big day for all of us at Samaipata: after months of hard work and deep introspection, we are very excited to introduce you to our revamped brand and website.

Our name is hard to pronounce (sama-i-pata), but we are very proud of what it stands for (plus we love all the different versions of the name people come up with).

From the start of this wonderfully fun (and intense) journey of our brand revamp, we have known one truth: we currently are an early-stage fund investing in digital businesses with network effects across Europe. But the brand building process has given us the chance to take the time to rethink deeply about who we really are — what is our purpose — what is it that drives us — and to define who we want to be.

We back founders who dare to better the world. If you dare to be bold. To think differently. To better the world. We’ll back you.

Our why remains the same. We are still driven by people. We still believe in people’s potential to change the world through innovation. To our founders, the samaipata team and investors, thank you, for you have been our inspiration.

We go beyond. It takes so much more than capital, we call it Founder Success.

We think big. As a Founders Fund the entrepreneurial spirit has been instilled into the entire Samaipata squad, we are ambitious and insatiable. That’s how we see ourselves and that’s how we like our Founders too.

We stay real. We have big goals but we’re still grounded and realistic. We are honest and transparent and this cannot be more paramount.

We don't mandate nor overpromise, our goal is to empower. We fight for progress and innovation, stand for integrity and inclusiveness within the wider ecosystem. 

Check out our new website to see it in action and let us know what you think (we are always hungry for feedback and bug spotting is more than welcomed!).

*A special thanks to Francisco and the whole Pixel team for their infinite patience and dedication to the project.

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