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For Founders

Being a Founder is tough, from finding product market fit to building up a killer team. We’ve rounded up the most frequently asked topics and written our take on them here.

Generative AI: The platform race is on

We’ve all heard about Generative AI in recent months and it’s for good reason - the incredibly buzzy topic seemingly hit Hype Beast mode mid October following a slew of (suspiciously co-ordinated) news that brought it into the open with a big bang.
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Top tips on running a best-in-class legal process as an early stage startup

Top tips for founders on how to navigate the lesser known process of transforming a term sheet into a set of long form documents and some much valued money-in-the-bank.
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Part 2 - How to work with your investors at early stages

One of our goals as investors is to help our portfolio companies be as successful as possible. As such, we see Investors Relations (i.e. the management of reporting documents, boards, and monthly calls) not only as a way to ensure legal compliance and our fiduciary duty to our Limited Partners, but also as a way to ensure information alignment between us and our portfolio companies.
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Part 1 - How to work with your investors at early stages

One of our goals as investors is to help our portfolio companies be as successful as possible. In addition to financial commitment, we strive to be helpful. Typically, the more information you share with us, the better we are able to understand your business and give relevant advice. To us, communication is the only way to drive alignment.
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B2B Sales: How to think about compensation for your B2B Sales team

Your product’s in place, your sales team (mostly) in place, now how do you add more fuel to the fire to really motivate your sales team? We’ve dedicated this episode to this juicy topic of how to think about compensation for your sales team, especially as your team scales. Get it right and it’ll be worth a million bucks (literally!) but if not, it can become a tricky trap to get out of.
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A Complete Guide to Nailing a Seed Announcement

So, you’ve raised some money, that’s great! But now what? I know just what you’re thinking. I don’t just want to be another seed announcement. With the acceleration of seed funding over the last few years, you don’t believe raising seed is news. Well, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong.
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B2B Sales: How to Optimize Your Sales Team Structure

Welcome to the next instalment of our B2B series! In case you missed it, Part I on building out your top-of-the-funnel is linked here. We wrote this article in collaboration with our Operating Partners at Samaipata. It strives to be useful and actionable to early stage startup-founders, covering all the typical challenges. For our other articles, please find them here!
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Venture Capital: Debt & Tech

At Samaipata we have spent a fair amount of time in recent months looking at capital-intensive tech businesses within our investment thesis across different sectors, B2B and B2C (quick refresher: we are a pre-series A fund investing in digital platforms with network effects at scale across Europe).
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4 weapons and 6 tactics to ignite your network effects and solve the cold start problem

I started my studies with engineering and I studied maths and physics before going into economics, business and management, which arrived quite late in my curriculum.
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