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We back founders



to better the world

And making the world better is about making big changes.

We look for the biggest waves of innovation and we back the most ambitious founders who dare to ride those waves. We commit to be 100% by their side as a partner on their journey.
That’s how big change is made together.

Our Values

We go

We are here to go the extra mile every day. If it were easy, it would have been done already. We fall down, we get back up. We are resilient.

We think

We are entrepreneurial, we are ambitious and insatiable. That’s how we see ourselves and that’s how we like our Founders too.

We stay

We have big goals but we’re still grounded. We are honest and transparent and this cannot be more paramount.

Our Investment Philosophy

We back founders who have what it takes.

We back those who can back themselves. That means they also have the muscle, grit and secrets to do it right.

We invest in digital businesses with network effects.

Making big change means affecting as many nodes in the network as possible, whether that’s people or businesses. We invest in digital platforms because they are powerful, defensible and scalable models when they achieve network effects.

We believe in European-led.

We believe that Europe is a market well positioned to play a critical role on the global tech stage and emerging European unicorns attest to this. We may focus on investing in Europe for now but we back those whose goal is the world.

We are hands on and we’re in it for the long term.

When we’re in, we’re fully in. We are dedicated to our Founders because our relationships are built on a shared vision and passion to better the world. We know it’s a long journey until we can get there, so we’re here for the long haul.

We bring all we can to the table.

As ex-entrepreneurs, we know it takes more than money to breed a unicorn, so we bring as much real expertise and support as we can to our Founders. We curate operational experts in every field, we partner with leading providers for our portfolio, and we are there on speed dial for when our Founders need us-that’s what it takes for Founder Success.