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Investment Thesis

We invest in digital platforms with network effects and we can’t wait to tell you why.

The Founders Q&A

As we strive for transparency at Samaipata, we want to shed some light on our investment thesis and on some of the key questions entrepreneurs often ask us. If the answers laid out below fit with what you’re looking for from a potential VC investor, we would like to hear from you! We review all opportunities sent to us.
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The Hive, or How We Are Building a Portfolio Support Plaform at Samaipata

A product is often said to be at the intersection of business needs, UX and engineering. In the case of a VC Platform, we are at the intersection of boosting fund returns (the Business) by building value-adding solutions for our founders (the UX) while finding scalable ways of doing it (the Stack/Engineering). Yes, Platform owners are Product builders.
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How to Create & Measure Network Effects (Part 2)

So hopefully we can all agree now that network effects (nfx) are precious, as a powerful source of defensibility and value creation. The real question then becomes: how to trigger them? And how to measure them?
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What Are Network Effects and Increasing Returns? (Part 1)

This article (Part 1) is an attempt to explain how we understand increasing returns and network effects at Samaipata. Part 2 is deep-diving into how to create network effects, how to measure them and what the future holds.
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The Rise of Platforms

At Samaipata, we believe in the Rise of Platforms. Conveniently, it’s hard to be held accountable by such statement as the world “platform” can refer to basically anything. Yet — unfortunately — we’ll come back to a more specific definition further down.
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