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Market Perspectives

Innovation and the market is always changing and we find it helpful to pause and reflect to understand what’s really happening.

Generative AI and FTX, The Buzz This Quarter

This quarter at Samaipata we dive into Generative AI and the downfall of FTX, we highlight snippets from our portfolio, current market conditions and writings from the Samaipata team.
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A Brave New World [Part 2]

Below we recapitulate on some of the key themes that saw major developments in 2021, which will shape the new world and open up enormous opportunities for building and investing into digital platforms — our overarching theme at Samaipata:
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A Brave New World [Part 1]

We started 2021 cautiously hopeful. We thought the worst of the pandemic was behind us, we were assured by plans for rapid vaccine roll-outs and above all, at least for us, we were curious how this new world would look like.
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