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Our Portfolio

We’re proud of our portfolio, here’s a preview into why we invested into these companies.

Why we invested in Auctree

Auctree, an online real estate platform for distressed assets, has just received a funding round of 2.5 million euros led by Samaipata. The company’s vision is to increase transparency and liquidity in this category by leveraging technology to efficiently curate complex supply and by acquiring previously locked out demand from institutional and retail investors.
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Reinventing Partnerships Between Brands to Revolutionize the Way Ecommerce Acquire Customers

We are very happy to announce that Samaipata is leading Sqwad’s $3m Seed round, alongside top business angels from the industry. As we welcome them to the Samaipata family, we wanted to share this note about our investment thesis on Sqwad.
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Why We Invested in Vivla

We are very happy to announce that Samaipata is leading Vivla’s $30m pre-seed equity and debt round, backing the company alongside top notch institutional investors like FJ Labs, Fasanara Capital, Extension Fund and numerous business angels.
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Why We Invested in Karmen

Yesterday, Karmen announced their €22m Seed round, and we are very excited to lead the round alongside Fasanara Capital and outstanding business angels such as Edward Lando, serial angel investor with Pareto Holdings and Guillaume Prince, ex-head of Stripe Southern Europe.
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Deporvillage: Our First Investment, Our First Home Run & Some Learning Curves

Whether as an investor, an entrepreneur, or in everyday life, luck plays an important role. I think this is one of those strokes of luck.
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Tech to Unlock the Power of Creativity: Why We Invested in Motley

When we think about the future of jewellery, we see Motley: a brand powered by a tech-enabled community of designers — bringing the world’s leading designers and their brilliant designs to consumers at affordable prices and enabling them to, for the first time ever, capture real economic value out of their creations.
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Enabling Industry 4.0 - Why We Invested in Geomiq

In a world where companies are as efficient as their supply chain and every day is key not to fall off the innovation curve, a broken quote-to-order process means that a significant part of the efficiencies of Industry 4.0 are lost on the way. Now, more than ever, is the time for intelligent manufacturing.
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Streaming Becoming Live & Bidirectional: Welcome Streamloots

Two months ago we took a stand on live streaming welcoming Streamloots as Samaipata’s 15th investment.
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Making Justice Accessible for Everyone - Why We Invested into Legl

It’s tough for a lawyer (like myself) to not get carried away when the topic of access to justice comes up. Having access to legal advice to defend your claims or defend yourself from the claims of others should be a basic right.
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50 Is the New 30 - Why We Invested in Passions

Along with gaming and hardware, online dating is a frown upon topic in the venture capital industry. VC investors just do not invest in dating. Full stop. As Andrew Chen explained here, some reasons typically put forward include:
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Barcelona-Founded Fashion Startup 21Buttons Secures $17 Million to Expand to the US

Barcelona-based 21Buttons, a fashion-centred social shopping app, has raised $17 million in a Series B funding round led by Idinvest Partners.
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6 Reasons Why We Invested in Totem

Our latest investment, Totem, is the 10th company to join the Samaipata’s family and our 3rd deal in France, together with Food Chéri and Procsea. Even if — let’s be honest — our
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