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For Founders

Being a Founder is tough, from finding product market fit to building up a killer team. We’ve rounded up the most frequently asked topics and written our take on them here.

How to Turn Your Early-Stage Startup into a Revenue Machine

Calling out to all early-stage B2B founders — Your product seems to have a strong market fit and your founder-led sales efforts have delivered some early successes through personal connections and fellow startups. But what does it really take to scale up your sales funnel?
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How & When to Set Up a Proper Data Stack in an Early Stage Startup

What does Gitlab, Airbnb and Stitch Fix have in common? Not a lot at first sight! Very different business models, spamming different industries… Yet, those 3 companies have understood very early on how data can be leveraged as a key source of competitive advantage: in each of their internal cultures, data is not considered as a service, but rather as a product.
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How to Build a Great Tech Team at Seed Stage

Who are the first key people to hire when building a digital business? Not an easy question to answer, right? Your first tech commando and your first engineers are very important characters on your journey and should be chosen carefully.
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Cheat Sheet #3: Key Metrics to Track for B2B SaaS Platforms

For our final Cheat Sheet, we’re covering key metrics for B2B SaaS platforms. That’s right — FINALLY! In case you missed it we also have Cheat Sheet #1 for Marketplaces and Cheat Sheet #2 for Consumer platforms.
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Startup Growth Pains: what are they and how to navigate through them (with the great Kintxo Cortés!)

Over the last months I have had the immense pleasure to learn from and work with Kintxo Cortés, current General Manager at Shopify Spain and luckily, one of Samaipata’s operating partners in The Hive (our network of advisors working with our portfolio on a weekly basis).
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Is Data the New Holy Grail for Platforms?

The more people search online, the more data they generate, the more Google can improve their algo performance and personalise the search experience, making their engine in turn more valuable to each user. Pretty amazing uh?
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When Should I Raise Money?: Key Milestones Ahead of Your Seed Round

At Samaipata we meet hundreds of inspiring entrepreneurs every month, and we thought it was time to share some tips on what to get under your belt before raising seed money.
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Cheat Sheet #2: Key Metrics to Track for Consumer Apps and Networks

Welcome back to our Cheat Sheet series! For #2, we’re covering key metrics for consumer networks and apps. In case you missed it, here’s Cheat Sheet #1 for key metrics to track for marketplaces!
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How Much Should You Raise at Seed Stage?

Over the recent months, we have seen early stage start-ups raising rounds that were significantly higher than the “average” seed round, e.g. Dija €20m, Cajoo €6m, Kili €6m, etc.
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