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Careers in Venture Capital


Do you want to work in Venture Capital and you don’t know where to start? We have all been there. See below tips from Samaipata investment team on the best ways to break into VC.

1. Think it through and build conviction

Venture Capital is an incredibly challenging and stimulating job for many, but it’s not for everybody. Before you decide VC is your next career move, make sure you understand what the job entails at the different positions (associate, principal, partner): what does deal sourcing require, do you like investment analysis, is portfolio management your thing.

2. Understand Venture Capital

Read everything on tech trends, on startups, on the VC landscape, on funding trends. There are great newsletters you can subscribe to. Download podcasts, listen to interviews to startup founders, operators, tech investors. Understand how they think, how the ecosystem operates and be up to speed with the latest developments.

3. Build your network

If you have decided being a tech investor is your thing, get out there. Speak to every investor and founder you can get hold off. Attend events. Ask for coffee, be a chaser. Be in front of everybody’s mind.

4. Look to add value

As you build your network, look to add value to those you meet. Investors take a lot of coffees with candidates who are looking to break into Venture Capital. What distinguishes the good from the great is their proactive initiative - suggesting potential deals that could be interesting, sharing original views on relevant industries, etc. Whether investors have already heard of those deals/views or not, they will value your input and drive. Actions speak louder than words.

5. Be patient and determined

VC’s don’t generally have pre-established hiring cycles and processes can be long and frustrating. So, keep hustling.

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