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We are an early-stage founders’ fund investing in digital platforms with network effects across Europe.

Part 2 - How to work with your investors at early stages

One of our goals as investors is to help our portfolio companies be as successful as possible. As such, we see Investors Relations (i.e. the management of reporting documents, boards, and monthly calls) not only as a way to ensure legal compliance and our fiduciary duty to our Limited Partners, but also as a way to ensure information alignment between us and our portfolio companies.
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Generative AI and FTX, The Buzz This Quarter

This quarter at Samaipata we dive into Generative AI and the downfall of FTX, we highlight snippets from our portfolio, current market conditions and writings from the Samaipata team.
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Part 1 - How to work with your investors at early stages

One of our goals as investors is to help our portfolio companies be as successful as possible. In addition to financial commitment, we strive to be helpful. Typically, the more information you share with us, the better we are able to understand your business and give relevant advice. To us, communication is the only way to drive alignment.
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B2B Sales: How to think about compensation for your B2B Sales team

Your product’s in place, your sales team (mostly) in place, now how do you add more fuel to the fire to really motivate your sales team? We’ve dedicated this episode to this juicy topic of how to think about compensation for your sales team, especially as your team scales. Get it right and it’ll be worth a million bucks (literally!) but if not, it can become a tricky trap to get out of.
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Welcome Samaipata 3.0: Same, same but different. Backing founders who dare to better the world

After months of hard work and deep introspection, we are very excited to introduce you to our revamped brand and website.
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Reinventing Partnerships Between Brands to Revolutionize the Way Ecommerce Acquire Customers

We are very happy to announce that Samaipata is leading Sqwad’s $3m Seed round, alongside top business angels from the industry. As we welcome them to the Samaipata family, we wanted to share this note about our investment thesis on Sqwad.
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Why We Invested in Vivla

We are very happy to announce that Samaipata is leading Vivla’s $30m pre-seed equity and debt round, backing the company alongside top notch institutional investors like FJ Labs, Fasanara Capital, Extension Fund and numerous business angels.
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The Founders Q&A

As we strive for transparency at Samaipata, we want to shed some light on our investment thesis and on some of the key questions entrepreneurs often ask us. If the answers laid out below fit with what you’re looking for from a potential VC investor, please send us your deck! We review all opportunities sent to us.
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A Brave New World [Part 2]

Below we recapitulate on some of the key themes that saw major developments in 2021, which will shape the new world and open up enormous opportunities for building and investing into digital platforms — our overarching theme at Samaipata:
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A Brave New World [Part 1]

We started 2021 cautiously hopeful. We thought the worst of the pandemic was behind us, we were assured by plans for rapid vaccine roll-outs and above all, at least for us, we were curious how this new world would look like.
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Exciting Promotion: Aurore Falque-Pierrotin Makes Partner within Samaipata Family

Since we first founded Samaipata nearly 7years ago, we’ve put a strong emphasis on curating a family like culture that likes to work hard and have a good time along the way.
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A Complete Guide to Nailing a Seed Announcement

So, you’ve raised some money, that’s great! But now what? I know just what you’re thinking. I don’t just want to be another seed announcement. With the acceleration of seed funding over the last few years, you don’t believe raising seed is news. Well, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong.
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