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Exciting Promotion: Aurore Falque-Pierrotin Makes Partner within Samaipata Family

Samaipata VC
February 23, 2022

Since we first founded Samaipata nearly 7 years ago, we’ve put a strong emphasis on curating a family like culture that likes to work hard and have a good time along the way. We’ve been a team that continuously pushes each other to become 1% better every day and empower each other to reach personal and professional goals. Our people are Samaipata and without them, we wouldn’t be a fraction of what we have become today.

We are bound by a common goal to empower transformational change and make Europe into a global tech leader by supporting & empowering founders who build digital businesses with network effects. At the core of Samaipata is diversity and team work. Samaipata is literally a valley in the middle of the Bolivian jungle and known for being a micro world, home to over 25 nationalities that lived in peace and harmony for centuries. For us, it’s the ultimate example of diversity and team work and our vision for Samaipata as a workplace.

At 31, Aurore is now one of the youngest partners in the industry and our first French female partner. Since joining as a Principal in 2018 she’s had a huge impact, bringing her expertise as a former investor at Octopus Ventures and Strategy consultant at Roland Berger. To date she has led our investments in Matera, Big Blue, Fintecture and Karmen, among others, and continues to support them on their exciting growth journeys.

This is a very well deserved promotion and once again a huge congratulation to Aurore!

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